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Tourism growth in the Riviera Maya has provided job opportunities for many Mexicans as numerous families move to this area in hopes of improved well-being. Many visitors to Puerto Aventuras are unaware that over 5000 employees and their families presently live in the Poblado de Apollo (Support Community) located across the highway. In the early 80ís, a small area of jungle was cleared and a staff-housing unit was built. It is now becoming a real village with schools, churches, stores, services and a police station.

Originally a local union donated the use of a building and a generous developer provided the initial funding for basic education programs. From that beginning, Friends of Puerto Aventuras (F.O.P.A.) was founded in order to provide community assistance to the Poblado de Apoyo. The EDUCENTRO (Community Education Center) was established to provide opportunities needed for individual well being and contributes to a community which all can be proud of. Local children and adults now have many more opportunities open to them. Through the help of F.O.P.A., they are able to enrol in free educational programs to better themselves.

English Classes
Taking into consideration the influx of the tourism trade in this area, it is clear how speaking even some English would improve ones opportunities. With funding by those who reside within or visit Puerto Aventuras, F.O.P.A. has been able to provide the continued financial support needed for the popular English Language Program. Over the first 8 years, more than 600 students have taken the initiative to develop and improve their English conversational skills and many have obtained employment previously unavailable to them.  The number of people helped, continues to grow.

Job Opportunities
F.O.P.A. provides a liaison between employees and employers. Human Resources Departments are now able to advertise through the EDUCENTRO when searching for qualified staff. A job list is updated and posted at the EDUCENTRO bi-weekly. This idea is also aimed at showing potential employees the opportunities available through the education programs offered at the Center.

Clothing Bazaar
Twice yearly, donations of clothing, furniture and household items are collected at the center and a bazaar is held. This has become a popular tradition and line-ups are usual at opening time. All low-income families have equal opportunities to benefit from the super cheap prices of the sale.

More than 250 Spanish language books have been donated or purchased. Kids and Adults alike have the opportunity to sign-out books or hang out and read at the EDUCENTRO. On occasion, FOPA organizes "Story Times" where a local senior reads to, or makes arts and crafts with pre-school children.

Please visit our web site for more information.  Click on the photo at the top of the page or follow this link  Educentro Puerto Aventuras

Friends of Puerto Aventuras
Fred Devos

Board of Directors:

Sally Evans
Babs Griswald
Lee Knudson
Jeannie Knudson
Paul Ramsey

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